How to Lower the House Edge of Blackjack

Blackjack is a game of strategy, not blind luck. While blackjack does possess an inherent house edge, this can be reduced through following basic strategy and adhering strictly to its rules.

Some players choose to increase their bets through side bets, which is risky. It’s essential to remember that blackjack has hot and cold tables; therefore it would be prudent to walk away if your odds become bad.

Basic strategy

Blackjack is one of the few casino games where basic strategy can significantly lower the house edge; however, this will never guarantee you will come out victorious; luck always plays a factor when it comes to this game – thus it is essential that you learn its fundamentals prior to testing your luck in an actual or virtual casino environment.

Utilizing a blackjack strategy chart allows you to determine the optimal move for any situation based on your starting cards and those of the dealer. At first it may seem overwhelming; however, with practice you will quickly memorize it as you consult it while playing.

Make sure to avoid alcohol when playing blackjack; drinking can lower inhibitions and make riskier decisions more likely, giving casinos an added edge by charging extra for drinks and potentially encouraging double down on hard 11’s for instantaneous wins.

Side bets

Side bets are an exciting and adventurous way to add more excitement and payout to your blackjack experience, but their inherent risks make them unsuitable for serious players. Additionally, many side bets have high house edges which reduce your winnings; therefore it would be wiser to steer clear from side bets altogether and focus on the main game instead.

At a blackjack table, side bet options such as insurance, 21+3, perfect pairs and hi/lo 13 can be placed before cards are distributed and pay out depending on their probability. Odds for these bets can typically be found displayed prominently on the blackjack table or available as menu selections in an online casino.

Although most side bets rely on chance, you can increase your odds of success by employing card counting techniques to increase the odds. A skilled player typically experiences house edges that fall below one percent; for less experienced ones it could reach two.


Blackjack may appear like a game of pure chance and its odds favoring dealers, but you can improve your chances by adhering to some basic rules and avoiding common errors. First, select an amount you are willing to spend before choosing a table that pays 3:2. Adding another layer of odds-improvement by practicing to count cards using various counting systems such as Hi-Lo (High/Low method). Keep track of your total without making noise through practice until you can do it reliably without making noise during gameplay.

When one player surpasses 21 while their broker does not, they win. If both players tie at 21, or “push”, no one wins and everyone takes home an equal share of chips. Furthermore, players may make side bets, each of which carries its own house edge that may be improved using card counting for that specific bet.


Blackjack is an inexhaustibly varied casino game with numerous variations that each have their own set of rules and strategies. To maximize these variations, players should familiarize themselves with each variant before diving in – many come equipped with additional regulations or specifications which affect house edges; such as some versions requiring dealers to peek for blackjack while others don’t.

European blackjack is a widely played variant available across European casinos and online. This variant uses two decks of cards and players must try to form hands as close to 21 as possible by splitting pairs twice without double splitting again after splitting; this variation has a slightly higher house edge compared to other versions of blackjack.

Progressive blackjack is another popular variation, which offers an extra jackpot payout with every bet made. This jackpot increases with each new bet made, but requires players to place an additional side bet. Furthermore, this variation of blackjack allows for some changes from its original rules, such as splitting and resplitting aces more freely than before.

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