Choosing Your First Online Slots Machines

With over 243 different ways to win a payout, is there really any surprise that 5 Dragons continues to be one of the world’s most popular slot machines online and off? Originally started as a local land-based casino machine developed and ran by Aristocrat, 5 Dragons quickly became so popular at local casinos throughout Australia that… The name of course is a reference to the original name of this well-known slot machine game. So what exactly is it that makes this old casino game so beloved by slot players all over the world? Well, for starters the popularity of the game is mostly attributed to its ability to offer a large number of winning combinations (provided the player plays the right machine).

Another reason why this slot machine game has continued to be a favorite with slot players is the appealing appearance of the five (or seven, depending on which version you play) horizontal slotted symbols on the screen. To clarify, whenever a player wins a free game, he or she receives one (or more) free spins with these symbols. Then when a regular win is made, the corresponding symbol will be replaced by a scatter symbol. This allows the player to continue playing free games with additional money without having to stop playing after receiving one or several free spins with scatter symbols.

So what makes this particular slot machine game so appealing? For one thing, winning with these colorful symbols is a surefire way to rack up big payouts. Some claim that hitting the jackpot with a single red spider symbol (which corresponds to a regular five-reel slot game) can earn you as much as A$1.5 million (A US cent). And the good thing about winning big amounts of cash while playing free slots is that you do not have to continuously play the same pattern over again to increase your chances of hitting paylines.

Aside from being visually attractive, this particular version of slots also has another edge over its competitors. The icons for the symbols on the reels are color coded according to their monetary values. For example, the icons denoting money on the left side and symbols indicating jackpot wins on the right side. Because of this, winning with these symbols is easier than it seems. You just have to identify which symbols correspond to the amount of money to be won on the reels and you’re good to go.

In addition, this version of slots features two different types of symbols that are used in paying out winnings. There is a wild symbol which appears when an icon on the reel is turned and this symbol will multiply until the winnings on the reel are paid out. On the other hand, winning with a regular symbol will not multiply, but will just trigger the random number generator machine to randomly come up with a number. This means that hitting a wild symbols slot is more likely to give you more money than hitting the regular symbols. This can translate into bigger wins because with these types of slot machines, you can get as much money as you want after winning once.

One of the coolest features about this slot machine is that winning with it requires strategy. If you happen to pick the wild symbol, be prepared to wait for the random number generator to generate an icon that corresponds to the amount of money you have won. In most cases, you need to pick the dragon symbol since it tends to come up a lot. With the dragon icon, you stand a good chance of getting a bonus. Plus, if you win and the symbol does not come out, you get a free spin with a double purchase!

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