Learn How to Count Cards for Blackjack

Blackjack is a game that people love and gamble millions on. Professional advantage and regular blackjack players spend the average rent on a monthly basis and even buy the groceries using their second mortgage on their house. When they finally go to a casino, they generally go in with more serious intent, aiming for the absolute highest total score they can get. There are two reasons that professional gamblers make the big score. The first reason is because they know the game inside and out, whereas most amateurs try to figure out the game based on luck. The second reason is because professionals have more practice at calculating various odds and performing various betting techniques and strategies.

There are some things that professional gamblers and even regular gamblers miss out on. One is the very simple, yet important factor of having the right mental attitude and mindset. Most novice gamblers and even new players don’t know the true value of being mentally prepared or focused. They are easily rattled by the “oohs” and “aahhs” of the crowd and lose their focus as the wind speeds up or slows down. Being focused and mentally geared towards success will help you succeed much more easily in blackjack than if you were to go in with an attitude that is filled with nervousness or fear.

Blackjack counting cards are one of the biggest factors of any card game. It is an important step in becoming a successful card player, but counting cards while you play is not a technique that should be rushed through. Gamblers everywhere have lost hundreds, even thousands of dollars because they rushed through this step and ended up getting more than they intended, or spending far too much time focusing on the cards rather than counting them. A major part of becoming a successful Blackjack player is being properly prepared and fully mentally geared. Counting cards is something that you should have already mastered before you begin betting or playing, but it is possible to know how many you have ahead of time or at least have an idea of what the odds are when you do this.

The best way to master counting cards is to actually find yourself a dealer. Go to a variety of different casinos and inquire about which dealers use counting machines. Once you receive several different responses, eliminate the ones that don’t seem trustworthy and concentrate your attention on those three or four dealers who you just can’t picture counting the cards. Ask questions concerning the machines, how they work, and how long it takes the dealer to deal out a hand of cards. You should also ask about the amount of times the dealer updates the software and whether the casino has any special instructions or recommendations for dealing with certain hands.

The pros will tell you that the quicker the card counters do their job, the better their chances are at counting cards that will win. This is true, as faster dealers with longer hands can afford to spend more time on the process, and it pays off for them. That said, not all pros are in it to make a quick buck, so you will need to keep in mind the fact that some pros may have more skill with the counting cards than others. As you learn to read the cards, you will become a better reader and the quicker you can do that the better you will do in the long run. Some people prefer to work with a private, experienced card counter, while others would rather learn more on their own through books and online tutorials.

In the end, the best way to learn how to count cards for blackjack is to get started. You need to take action to get the hang of the whole process, including how to deal the cards, the betting actions, and even the card counting. You should never rely solely on luck to get started with blackjack table games, as even a slight edge can give you a huge advantage. So get started today!

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