Blackjack Card Counting Strategy – Blackjack at Your Fingertips

Blackjack, sometimes called 21, looks like it is one of the easiest casino card games available. The point is to win a higher score with a deck than the dealer. And, hopefully, you wish to win blackjack at the casinos you frequent. But if you believe that blackjack is too simple, that likely means that you do not really know all the fundamentals, or how to maximise your winning strategy. On the other hand, if blackjack was too hard to understand, you would certainly be saying the same thing about card games such as solitaire, or even chess.

First of all, blackjack requires three cards, namely, your two cards and the seven-card deck which the dealer usually starts you off with. At the start of each game, the dealer will deal you three cards face down. In blackjack, the first player who receives a card from the dealer’s deck (other than the last two) is considered to be the blackjack player. Then, after the dealer reveals the cards, the other players bet their expected return on these cards. And the blackjack player with the highest expected return is deemed to be the winner of blackjack.

The reason why most players call for an immediate win in blackjack is because the odds of someone hitting on a jackpot are relatively high. If you can hit the jackpot with a single card, chances are, several other players can as well. Hence, the larger the number of players, the better the odds are. And that is precisely why more experienced players often play “reaper” – that is, the game pays off better the longer you play.

So how does card counting help in the blackjack game? Card counting or the method of keeping count, helps in making your betting more precise. The more accurate your betting, the higher your winnings would be. The basic technique of card counting involves taking note of cards that have been played and subsequently bet on the remaining available cards. Thus, by learning to count cards, one can gain an advantage over the other players.

Card Counting is an advanced strategy that requires a lot of skill. The key to it is to patiently wait for the best moment to reveal the cards to you so you can bet according to the overall expected return. This requires a lot of calculation. Only the most experienced players can master this strategy and win big in blackjack.

There are some casino games out there that rely totally on luck, without any strategy at all. Although luck plays a significant role in some games such as poker and blackjack, with enough experience and practice, one can improve their chances of winning by employing a sound blackjack playing strategy. So if you want to play your favorite casino games at an excellent level and earn real money, be sure to learn the ins and outs of card counting and use it in your next match.

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