Roulette Strategies That Can Increase Your Winning Chances

It is a well-known fact that Roulette is one of the most popular casino games around. It is also known as the game of luck. The question is, can we make our Roulette playing luckier? There are several ways of doing that and they are easy to understand and implement, though not necessarily so simple to achieve. Here are some simple Roulette tips to help you improve your chances in the game:

– Roulette without the wheel. In the classic game of roulette there is always an edge or a disadvantage. With the use of the internet there is no such edge and that makes European roulette: best odds online almost unbeatable. Because the wheel cannot be manipulated, there is no way a dealer can influence the outcome. That means that it is impossible for a dealer to create an edge for the house.

– Single number bets. The problem with the traditional roulette strategy is the lack of strategies that can work with different numbers. A single number bet is often the most common type of roulette strategy and that means it is easiest to win. As for doubling your money, there are no such methods and that leaves you with a very low possibility. With a single number bet you can win from even a single to a double and with a multi-number bet, you will have higher chances of winning big. All in all, there are still some good ways to reduce the house edge with Roulette but those methods are more suited towards multi-number or high stake games.

– Double or Multi-digit bets. In roulette a player who plays a game with a single number and a multi-digit bet has the highest possibility of doubling his money. So in a no-limit game, players can play for high stakes with no apparent advantage. However, the same game with a higher maximum bet still has an edge on the dealer and can make it easier for them to make extra cash.

– No-zero roulette. This may sound strange but in actuality this strategy increases your chances of beating the dealer by a large margin. In a no-zero roulette game you bet the amount of money that you could afford to lose. In a normal casino the dealer has an advantage of at least twenty percent over the value of the ticket but when you play roulette online you eliminate that disadvantage.

– Avoiding house edge. Roulette online casinos do not have the house edge because they are not run by humans but by software. Although this reduces the possibility of winning significantly it does not lower it by much. Since roulette is purely a game of chance therefore there is no house edge.

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